About OurWorlds

Brief History & Mantra

OurWorlds has been around since 2012, but our history spans over a decade under other, more eccentric monichers (DreamNova, anyone?). Ultimately the goal is simple – make genuinely interesting content for everyone to enjoy. That’s a tough sell when it comes to travel & adventure. It’s a diverse, multi-faceted subject that everyone has an opinion about. People love to experience, research and discover in their own way, and creating content that’s useful for a wide audience requires thought and care. I personally think the current trend online is all about quantity not quality, and I want to buck the trend in making gorgeous, cinematic content that’s engaging & entertaining.

Advertising & Partners

Making quality content costs money. Crazy, right? If only money grew on trees. But instead of trying to bio-engineer a tree that could “make it rain” (we understand the irony in saying that) we chose to put ad-space on our site and videos. We’re also always looking at creating direct relationships with the brands we review. By working with us directly, we’re able to capture jaw-dropping content that pioneers what’s possible not only via a digital brand but challenges traditional broadcast quality content too. How? Simple. By day we’re an ad agency called Roache. We have the facilities, experience and technical expertise that comes with working in the industry, which means we’re able to innovatively create something that’s head and shoulders ahead of the digital pack. It means unique perspectives that offer incredible possibilities for exposure and mutual brand benefit. Got something hot happening? Think we’d be interested? We’d love to hear from you. It’s a simple process – simply use the form below (NOTE: please contact us directly for business only.)

Our content is not only seen by a huge digital audience, but our work has helped build and influence major brands. Our work is printed, seen on television, up on billboards and can be found on major websites and social channels. Below is a few dozen example of where we’ve been seen, and here’s a Dropbox of a whole lot more times we’ve been mentioned.

Production & Safety

As a professional production company, we know how to get shots the right way. We pride ourselves by following Australia’s (and by extension, international) incredibly rigorous safety standards for filming & rigging equipment in & around attractions. We’re also backed by hefty public liability insurance for both your peace of mind (and ours.) We conduct ourselves professionally on-site and do our utmost minimise impact during filming.

Use & Commercial Licensing Terms of Service

1) Any use of vision or photography is pre-approved by us via email only ([email protected]) before publication (absolutely no exceptions)

2) A clear mention is made both in the video and in the first sentence of the description with a clearly working hyperlink to either our website or relevant social media profiles. Photography

3) No other watermarks are displayed on vision at any time

4) No ad-placement before, during or after or monetisation in its entirety is to be used in conjunction with any of our vision or photography at any time

5) Any use outside of the terms of service, including but not limited to any monetisation or ad-placement in conjunction with use of any vision or photography may result in one or all of the following: a take-down notice issued on your video; a restriction on any current or future use of vision, licensed or otherwise; standard commercial licensing fees.