Dreamworld gets 50 shades darker for Thrillathon

Dreamworld’s hosting their first official night event this year called Thrillathon. It’s tomorrow night from 6:30pm, and if you’re a passholder it’s only $10. But the most interesting bit of news from the event page is that you can buy blindfolds (PS, not free, they’re $4) that you can wear on most of the rides (no Giant Drop, no Buzzsaw, no Sidewinder). Now, I know what you’re thinking…

Jokes aside, it should be a good event and I highly recommend you go, doing the rides at night brings a whole new element to the mix. Here’s something I shot a while back to give you an idea:

Just remember, as per the terms and conditions, leave your own blindfolds, whips, chains etc. etc. at home, you can only use Dreamworld approved blindfolds.