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What’s happening with OurWorlds?


I thought i’d keep everyone up to date with what’s happening here in 2018, and the long story short is that the content is moving, at least in the short term.

To put it bluntly, making news about new theme park shop openings, small minor changes and things that honestly, really don’t interest me are beyondy tedious to write and plainly put, just aren’t my passion. My passion is making cool videos and stories, and separating out the various groups of people who like my travel photography or theme park stories is backwards. So over the last few months i’ve been working on a new website that’ll serve in my twelve month long experiment in trying to see if I can amalgamate my content all into one, unified place. If it works, my theory is that i’ll spend less time running multiple websites and more time making content.

So let’s see what happens, yeah? Head on over to and keep yourself up to date there – there’s some cool stuff coming.