No, Dreamworld’s not really a ghost town.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Well written Ben. I, like you, appreciate the facts in an article and not sensationalised bull. This is an Australian icon run by Australians with employees that are Australians that rely on their incomes to support their families. Dreamworld is doing a great job of getting back to normal in a slow paced and respectful way and we need to support that. This is why we are keeping our monthly passes going and will be down there at least twice these school holiday!
    Thanks for writing a balanced piece.

  2. wayne mellor says:

    What a great artical .
    Hope this gets shared over and over.

  3. dog says:

    Thats the problem, too much aussie this and that crap luna park in sydney aussie made people killed on gost train ride dream world 4people killed aussie made wait till some one is killed then act soon as they started having problems with rapid ride it should have been shut down that fucken day me and my 2boys were on that ride when it started mulfuntioning 2 hours lata people are dead weres the pride in that

    1. I hope you don’t mind, but i’ve taken the swearing out and fixed some of your grammar. I’m not trying to censor your opinion, just that either of the aforementioned aren’t welcome here.

      Replying to your comment, I can understand that if you were on that ride earlier in the day that you’d be quite personally affected by what happened, and, by all means if you or your family continue to be affected by what happened that day, I do absolutely and sincerely recommend you reach out to the Red Cross on 1800 811 700.

      We may not agree on this point, and i wasn’t there on the day it happened, however I do know a lot of people who work at the park, and while I don’t speak on behalf of anyone there, all that I can say is that until the facts are presented in due time about what happened that this is an incredibly unfortunate tragedy that no one in a million years would think would happen or would want to have happen.

  4. Wayne Mellor says:

    So DOG lets stop catching trains planes even travelling in cars. Yes accidents happen and unfortunately people suffer not just the victims but there families and friends. No one is denying that . But it is a case of putting actions in place to reduce the risk of these sort of things happening again. I say reduce because there is always a chance the same as each time you cross the road.
    We do have to move on . Its how we choose to do it that counts.

  5. dog says:

    I have full respect for australians they are a very proud and strong hearted people sorry if my comments came across cold hearted but reality sunk in when i seen the look on the faces of my boys and the people around us man that was so tough to try and deal with dont need red cross and i no l cant spell for shet we dont go to dream world anymore we took flowers but thats it for us and a lot of our friends and family

    1. I agree, Australian’s are very strong hearted people, and no need to apologise at all, with all that’s been said, I really appreciate and respect you taking the time to voice your opinion.

  6. dog says:

    thanx wayne this is going to be in my memory bank for eva what i seen that day cindy came from the same town as me in the eastern bay of plenty

  7. Chris says:

    Wonderful article. A minor correction through – Disney have indeed closed parks in their history.

    See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disney's_River_Country for details.

    1. You are technically correct Chris, and I appreciate you writing in, however River Country didn’t close immediately as a result of the deaths, which is what I was referring to.

      1. I’m calling bullshit on you Ben. You clearly and falsely stated that Disney has never closed a park. You made no reference to the fact of deaths not directly causing any closures. Get it right the first time and stop making things up and/or making excuses.

        And it’s au contraire – not ‘oh contraire’.

        Journalism? …sheesh!

        1. Thanks for calling bullshit. I’m not sure about clearly and falsely, in the context of what i’m writing about (Dreamworld closing), at least to my belief, made perfect sense. Evidently, one or two out of the thousands who have read it are very touchy about myself comparing Disneyland & Dreamworld, so, i’ve added three words so my point is clear for you and other like minded individuals (some of which were a lot more calmer and understanding and treated me like a fellow human being, too.)

          Also, i’ve never once called myself a Journo nor do I lay claim to being one. However, if I worked for NewsCorp, then that would be different.

          1. Excellent, thank you for the clarifying edit!

            Fwiw – journalism, from French jornel: a day’s travel or work. I think we are all journalists now, if we expand the meaning to involve daily blogging, posting, commenting, etc. Originally it involved the printed word or the press, then TV and radio, but surely the internet is merely an extension of journalism into a new format.

            As for jumping down your throat, sorry ’bout that but my bullshit detector is usually turned up pretty high and whenever I see false news, poorly misrepresented info, incorrect facts, denial or sidestepping – especially after being queried about accuracy – then I consider the journalist has forgone “the right to a fair trial” and deserves to be figuratively stomped on.

            This whole incident is a sensitive issue, and knowing someone who works in the industry, I am either privy to the information (or falsely led to believe!) that this was an accident that would never have happened if maintenance had been correctly carried out. I fear the day a Quantas plane falls out of the sky but we all know their spotless safety record is a direct result of their excellent maintenance standards.

            In reporting on this whole unfortunate affair I think it is not “polite” to defend Dreamworld in any way… they could almost be called Damnedworld now?

  8. Bite Me says:

    Someone that can’t capitalise their (i)s when writing an article is a pretty poor excuse for a blogger

    1. Thanks, last time I checked you don’t need to capItalIse every sIngle one, because that’s just sIlly.

  9. Well said Ben. Forget the trolls. You can’t say anything these days without someone tearing strips off you. Your article is far superior to anything you’d find in the Daily Telecrap or the Courier Fail.

  10. John says:

    “Talking about agendas, to be clear, I too have an agenda. I’m obviously very pro theme parks, and in terms of Dreamworld, a large part of my childhood is centred around a place that, like a lot of others, i’d almost call it my second home, at least at one point in time or another.”

    You fail to mention that you’re also paid by dreamworld… so how does this article differ from any other self interested low life journo trying to make a buck by keeping their boss happy?

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