6 Rides Dreamworld Could Build to Keep Up With Movie World

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  1. Bob says:

    Number 6 is labelled as number 5 twice

    1. Ben Roache says:

      Cheers Bob! Appreciate the keen eye. 😉

  2. Robert Butler says:

    honestly, they’ve left it too long. they need to spend at least $100m in the next 5 years just to catch up. i would start by demolishing thunder mountain and rapids, the big brother compound and the old blue lagoon, they could fit an rmc raptor and 3 or 4 flat rides in that space. then if they filled in the old paddlewheel loop there would be space for 2 or 3 flat rides and an s&s 4d free spin.

  3. Flynn says:

    I would love for Dreamworld to focus on quality dark rides, something in the vain of Mystic Manor or Soarin’ at Disney could work using original or licensed characters. It would keep the family oriented audience while appealing to the international masses as well, but not trying to beat the coasters that Movie World is already excelling at.

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